Presentation ENGLISH

Our company was established in1988.

Now, SHINHWA produces many parts for Warp Knitting Machine (Tricot, Raschel,

Warper) and Knitting Elements of many type (Guide Block, Sinker Block,

Needle Block, Separate Block, Reed Block).

So SHINHWA is offering excellet our goods to 450 Coustomers with low price.

Now, we have more completely production system of many types .

We always do our best for that we try to supply manufactured goods with in more

cheap price and more high quailty.

Also if you hope to buy original parts of Karl Maryer or Liba with kntting elements.

We can offer to you all, and knitting needles of Groz-becket .

Also we supply used machines which fit Korean customers.

You can not find any company like us in Korea.

If you are interested any type for Warp Knitting Machinery(Tricort. Raschel, Warpea)

and you contact us, you will have superior machine in quality with in low price.

Only SHINHWA can offer excellent Machinery becouse of we value appraise

the machineal performance by accmulated our know-how.

So we emphasize again this point.

Please contact us for your interests of machines and parts.

Please compare the machine price with anothers.

If you choose SHINHWA, you will satisfy