Athan Zafirov’s Works And His Passion On Digital Arts

Art is All About Passion

Many have said that there is no money in arts, and it could be true since few artists have been given the chance to showcase what they have in their works or even in their minds. Moreover, the world has been seeing money much worthy than appreciating what art should be. Money has become greater than the raw talent that several artists have.

Well, this is true nowadays especially the world has become a much harder place to live. Money is essential but also our passion. Passion is something that is cannot be equated to money because it is something that every people have on their own that money can’t buy.

That is the reason why I believe that artists should get some appreciation and be paid with the things that they can do in this world. Their art is amazing that some could make changes or voice for someone who needed help. The art depicts some meanings that the world can’t see, and it is sad to know that there are some that money destroys that thought. Get more interesting details about digital art and animation on

Digital Arts and the Works of Athan

Well, despite all that, art is still making some progress and digital arts have been one of the most popular mediums these days. Artists like AthanZafirov have been using it and it can be seen how amazing their works are. With these pieces of art, I could see the passion and dedication that they have with regards to their art. This makes me believe that there is hope in this industry and we should be giving budding artists like him to be the artist that he wants to be. We should let the world know that it is important to appreciate the works of these bright minds and let them show their talents to the world so that they can be a model for the generations to come.